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Vote On Me!!!

Birthday:October 2
Location:Weston Florida
Are you edge:no idea
What makes you emo:Im cool like that.. and i love emo music
Whats your opinion on ONE of the following:
George Bush, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Drinking/Drugs, Runaways, Self-Injury, The Death Penilty, Religion, Operation Iraq Freedom, War:
Gay Marriage is something that we should not judge on. If people want to get married let them we should have no opinion on other people's marriage. The only diffrence about people getting married that are "gay" "lesbian" or "bisexual" is that they have the same thing to piss out of. Marriage is about LOVE not GENDER.

List 5 Bands you like:
o1.Fall Out Boy
o2.Coheed and Cambria
o3.Taking Back Sunday
o5.From Autumn to Ashes
List 5 Bands you DONT like:
o1.Good Charlotte
o2.Simple Plan
o3.Limp Bizkit
o4.Linkin Park
o5.Avril Lavigne
List 5 Movies you like
o2.Secret Window
o3.Mystic River
o4.Butterfly Effect
List 5 Movies you DONT like:
o1.Belly of the Beast
o2.Peter Pan
o4.Jimmy Neutron
o5.Fighting Temptations
Favorite song, and Why: I like so many songs.. I dont know
Do you play with fire?:Yeah.. Pyro representing. lol
Did you read the rules??: Your lipstick, his collar.. dont bother angel, i know exactly what goes on << Would that prove it?
Promote to 2 People and prove it:

Where did you find us??[If invited put who invited you]:Random Community
Tell us something interesting about you: I play guitar and I love to write music.
IF you are accepted, give me the LINK of a picture for the userinfo:http://pic13.picturetrail.com/VOL451/2326024/4812703/64991003.jpg
Post your pictures now. AT LEAST 3:
4 in the morning
Just a picture with my reflection on the guitar
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