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Vote On Me!!!!

Name: Laura
Age: 14
Birthday: march 6 1990
Location: Northport (Long Island), New York
Sex: Female
Are you edge: no.
What makes you emo: my music and sometimes my feelings and how i act around people
Whats your opinion on ONE of the following:
War: War is not the answer, and thats my opinion
List 5 Bands you like:
o1. Mae
o2. Hawthorne Heights
o3. Fall Out Boy
o4. My Chemical Romance
o5. Killswitch engage ( yeah i like some metal)
List 5 Bands you DONT like:
o1. Cky
o2. Afi
o3. H.I.M
o4. Alien Ant Farm
o5. Velvet Revolver
List 5 Movies you like
o2. Finding Nemo
o3. E.T
o4. Edward scissor hands
o5. Pretty In Pink
List 5 Movies you DONT like:
o1. Jurassic Park
o2. Gigli
o3. artificial intelligence
o4. miss congeniality
o5. scary movie 3
Favorite song, and Why: eleven- taking back sunday, mostly because it reminds me of when i first fell in love with someone, yeah im know im 14 and all but i swear it was real and still goes on to this day.
Do you play with fire?: Nope
Did you read the rules??: Yes i did twice actually :)
Promote to 2 People and prove it:http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=dressed_2kill
Where did you find us??[If invited put who invited you]:Browsing
Tell us something interesting about you: Im known for my facial expressions ( cant really think of anything else right now, if i get accepted im sure youll find things that is interesting about me )
IF you are accepted, give me the LINK of a picture for the userinfo:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/dressed2kill523/untitled.bmp

Post your pictures now. AT LEAST 3:

^ ahah thought it was funny

Thanks For your time!
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